About Us

My girlfriend Julia and I have been together for over 2 years and she is by far my best friend. Her and I live together and so she ends up being my shop assistant sometimes.

Cal Poly is where I’m going to college and I absolutely love it here.

My name is Casey Martin, and I am the owner and only employee of Wine Country Woodworks. You may know me from Youtube, or from Wine Country Pens, my other business. I am a 21 year old college student, from Sebastopol, California. I am currently going to school at Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo, studying Agribusiness.

I took woodshop as a freshmen in high school, and although I only took one year of it, I became really interested in it. However it wasn’t until I started wood turning over a year ago, that I really got interested in wood working and all that wood turning has to offer. I love my hobby and turning it into a business has been a ton of fun as well.

My pen blanks has been a relatively new venture that I have undergone. Being raised in Sonoma County, the heart of the Wine Country, right next to Napa, I have been surrounded by vineyards all my life. Once I got into casting pen blanks with Alumilite, it occurred to me that casting grapevine for “worthless wood” or hybrid pen blanks, would be perfect. I also noticed that no one else does it, and so it is a solid little niche that I have.

My grapevine pen blanks are sandblasted to remove all bark, then stabilized in Cactus Juice resin, and only cast in Alumilite. This process results in the highest quality grapevine pen blanks possible.