Modern Instagram Marketing eBook, Audio Book, and Video Package

$15.00 $12.75

This is a phenomenal package on how to properly use Instagram marketing for your business to your advantage. I have implemented the techniques in this eBook and video package, and have seen tons of growth because of it.

You’ll be receiving a 61 page eBook, a cheat sheet checklist, a mind map, an audiobook version AND an hour long video package.

The eBook portion is a 61 page PDF that gives the 6 steps to building a real following on Instagram. It goes into detail of how to use Instagram to drive more traffic and sales to your business.

The table of contents are:

Chapter 1: 10 key reasons most marketers fail on Instagram

Chapter 2: You don’t have to fail

Chapter 3: Instagram success is all about persona

Chapter 4: Find your competitors on Instagram and reverse engineer them

Chapter 5: Curate top notch content and mix in your reverse engineered content

Chapter 6: Adopt a content first sales funnel

Chapter 7: Use facebooks ad retargeting system to pull Instagram users deeper into your funnel

Chapter 8: Pay and interact with niche specific Instagram influencers

Chapter 9: Continuously optimize all parts of your funnel

Chapter 10: Best practices



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