Shopify Set Up “Blueprint” Video Package + Beginner’s Guide to Shopify eBook

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This is another great resource that I used in the past to get my pen business up on Shopify and running well. I was able to buy the rights to this resource so I could sell it and share it with you all, as I believe it has a ton of great value.

There are 8 videos in total, making the whole package about 45 minutes long. They provide a simple step by step process for any one to get their own Shopify store up fast.

Here is the breakdown of the videos to give some insight and a table of contents:

Getting Started With Shopify – Length: 01:25 min.
How To Create A Buy Button – Length: 03:54 min.
How To Identify Hot Selling Products For Your Store – Length: 09:30 min.
How To Migrate Your Shop From Bigcommerce – Length: 08:22 min.
How To Set Up Your Shopify Estore – Length: 01:18 min.
Other Money Making Ideas – Length: 07:00 min.
Shopify At A Glance – Length: 13:56 min.
Shopify Dashboard – Length: 01:24 min

There is also an added Beginner’s Guide to Shopify eBook that comes with the video package as well.

This guide covers:

What Is E-commerce?
What Is Shopify?
Identify Your Niche
Configuring Your Store
Shopify Pricing
Recommended Social Media Platforms
The Importance of Quality Images


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